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Eric Peterson Photography

Eric Peterson Photography - nature, landscape, travel, & everything else

Eric Peterson Photography - nature, landscape, travel, & everything else. Focused on, but not limited to the Mid-Atlantic.


Eric and Stacy enjoying a relaxing day on the water

Eric and Stacy enjoying a relaxing day on the water

My name is Eric Peterson (the one in the front with the white t-shirt). I am a native of Warren, Pennsylvania, a small town in the northwestern, and coldest, corner of the state. In 2003 my wife Stacy (the one in the front having a blast!) and I packed up everything and moved to Manteo on the Outer Banks in North Carolina. Living at the beach was an amazing experience. The beauty and diversity of the coast led me towards photography. It began as a way to share my life with family back in Pennsylvania but began to take on its own life as others took notice and began to ask to see more. I always enjoyed taking pictures, but now I had a reason. Eventually, we decided it was time to grow up and moved again; this time inland to Raleigh. I am a self-taught photographer and focus mainly on, but not limited to, nature, landscapes, and historical architecture. Growing up in a National Forest and living along a National Seashore has given me an appreciation of the outdoors, its diversity, and how important it is we preserve and protect these areas. While my main area of work is done in North Carolina and the Mid-Atlantic States, I have images ranging from New York, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Alaska, California, Virginia, and any where else my travels have taken me.  

If you are interested in using or purchasing an image, looking for something in particular, or have a question let me know!

Below are a few places where my photography has been published. If you would like to see more, or if you would like to add your publication to the list, please contact me!