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Eric Peterson Photography - nature, landscape, travel, & everything else. Focused on, but not limited to the Mid-Atlantic.

Marley’s Cat Tales

Though this is old news to a few people, and slightly out of date. For the second year in a row Marley’s Fund has used one of my photos for their annual calender! Last year our cat, Shaq, was featured as Mr. December and this year it's Chester's turn, shown here welcoming spring like the Mr. March lion he thinks he is.



Marley's is a great organization and could really use your help. Here is an excerpt from their mission statement; "Marley's Cat Tales is dedicated to making a difference in the fight against feline retroviruses, including both feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency viruses, through public service, promoting awareness and educating the public. Knowledge about feline diseases and their prevention is essential to the Fund’s mission of stopping the viral cycles and ultimately eradicating feline retroviruses. As the only national nonprofit dedicated to offering an alternative option to immediate euthanasia, [they] have created a safe haven for infected cats—where quality care and life enrichment are the primary concern."


If this type of thing is up your alley or you know someone who might be interested pass it on to them. Their website should give you everything you need to help.