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Eric Peterson Photography - nature, landscape, travel, & everything else

Eric Peterson Photography - nature, landscape, travel, & everything else. Focused on, but not limited to the Mid-Atlantic.

Tail Waggin' Photography


Do you ever go to the Outer Banks in North Carolina? If you do, and happen to want an awesome photo to remember your trip with, or if you are trying to commemorate a special occasion, or if you have a pet that you think the world of, visit my friend Jen Snell's website;

Jennifer specializes in on-location, natural light pet photography of your best furry friend. She also offers several other portrait options for your two-legged family members!  I can attest that she is very very patient no matter how much a of a pain her clients can be.  While I could tell you about her I think she does it best herself in her bio.

Jennifer was a typical child who loved both dinosaurs and Barbies, Transformers and horses. She wanted to be an astronaut, a teacher, and, most importantly, a veterinarian. While her interest in space exploration and dusty chalkboards waned as the years passed, she maintained a strong desire to work with animals. Her first job was at a dog and cat clinic where she observed both the tremendous joy, and sorrow, of sharing your life with an animal. This experience was followed by an internship at a carnivore preservation center where she spent countless hours with tigers, leopards, and other field species. From the clinic to the field, she adored and respected the individual personalities that made each animal special. Her experiences and interactions with them left pawprints on, and inspiration in, her heart.


As a child she was proudly owned by Keegan, the Golden Retriever and Duffy, the Chocolate Lab. She also shared her home with Friski the Cockatiel. Jennifer currently has three fur-kids: Dakota, the delightful German Shepherd Mix, Kaiser, a sweet yet sassy working line German Shepherd, and Kya, a beautiful long haired calico cat.

Jennifer's love of animals was an inspiration for the focal point of her artistic career: photography. Though initially she expressed herself like most children, with a box of crayons, Jennifer grew to appreciate other forms of art. She won awards for both her creative drawing abilities as well as her sculpting endeavors. She dappled in watercolor and other painting mediums and even tried her hand at computer generated imaging. At the root of every project, however, was a camera or a photograph.

Tail Waggin' Photography is the result of Jennifer's combined love for animals and photography. Inspired by the inseparable bond between pets and their people, Jennifer strives to produce the very best images of YOUR faithful friend.