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Eric Peterson Photography - nature, landscape, travel, & everything else. Focused on, but not limited to the Mid-Atlantic.

Denali NP



In August of 2010 Stacy, my sister Amanda, my brother-in-law Ryan, and I took a trip to Alaska to visit a friend and explore "the last frontier"; a trip that I always wanted to do, but never thought would actually happen. Starting in Anchorage, we took a Glacier Cruise out of Whittier into Prince William Sound. Seeing eagles, sea otters (Stacy’s favorite), Sea Lions, glaciers of course, and eating freshly caught fish and shrimp was amazing. On our way north to Denali National Park, we drove the Parks Highway; stopping at a few interesting points along the way, including a short detour to the town of Talkeetna; a rural community of about 900 people whose mayor, strangely enough, is a cat named Stubbs. It is also the starting point for the majority of those wanting to climb Denali. While in the national park, we stayed in a log cabin next to McKinley Village and the Denali Education Center. The trip was all about relaxing and trying to enjoy the area. We hiked, took the park bus to Eielson Visitor Center, and ate very well. The scenery and wildlife were amazing. Wolves, eagles, caribou, mountain goats, and very close encounters with bears and moose kept us busy and entertained. We would often hear people talking about “the mountain”, referring to Denali, but never got the chance to see it. Due to its prominence, it creates its own weather patterns, often placing it in thick cloud cover. On our last night, while sitting around a camp fire trying to squeeze in the last bit of time we had, the sky above cleared. This may not seem like an event worth noting, however, only 30% of those who visit Denali get to see the mountain. We decided to rush over to the park and see if the mountain was indeed out. It was late, around 11:00 pm, but the sun was still out and as we got closer the clouds around it began to break. Getting as far down the road as the public is allowed, we parked and watched as Denali showed itself. As we sat there staring at the mountain listening to wolves howling around us, it seemed as though we were the only people in the park. Such a great way to cap off an amazing trip!